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Hi, Jim from the Abyss here,

Dailyabyss.com is a blog that is about social policy, politics, and international affairs, but it may touch on any other topic especially where truth, justice, and the American way are at stake. 

Who am I?  I’m proud to say, I’m opinionated, and I’ve never managed to grow up.  Studying anthropology, and serving in a tin mine high up in the Bolivian Andes as a Peace Corps Volunteer (back in the days of Che) have had strong influences on me.  They opened my eyes to a world that is large and interesting, a world where neither we as individuals nor the USA as a nation has a monopoly on the truth or only way of doing anything.  I also learned that only through learning about others can we learn about ourselves.     

My bonafides:  Since those formative years, I’ve done all kinds of things – got an MSW, (masters of social work); got an MS and Ph.D. in political science (Comparative Politics/International Relations-Economics); did social work (most memorably, in the Detroit City bus depot); helped South Carolina State Agencies to develop affirmative action plans; was a human services planner for the South Carolina Department of Social Services and two of that state’s governors (Jim Edwards – conservative, Dick Reily – liberal) ; worked in a state mental facility in Florida; worked in Florida’s mental health and refugee programs as an analyst/planner; and I’ve taught political science and public administration.   

I’ve also traveled in USA, Canada, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile. Brazil and Colombia – Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica – England, France, Italy, and Turkey.  I like photography, deserts, third world people, science, theology, writing, reading, hiking, observing, and, of course, pontificating!

Most importantly, I’m married and live in Tallahassee with my great wife, Anne, and my great mom, Anne.  I have three kids (Megan, Louise, and Ben) by my ex-wife, Judy.  They are different from each other, and each is super in their own right.  They’ve managed to become world travelers, do good works, and produce three kids of their own (so far). 

Sorry to go on like this – I’m very lucky.  And yet, I like to bitch, bitch bitch – I hope you’ll join me!  If you have any truth, justice, or American way issues that needs attention, let me know.

Jim (Ciotti) from the Abyss

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