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The War on the Poor, African Americans and the Middle Class)

Every time I hear the phrase American Exceptionalism, I cringe.  True, the USA is exceptional in many ways.   Certainly, it is the most powerful nation, and certainly it is very wealthy.   But it’s not all exceptional – at least in a positive way.  Given that we are so rich and powerful, it is surprising how poorly we perform in many aspects of quality of life.  Consider life expectancy.  We are the longest lived society on earth – right.   Wrong!  And while the USA ranks way down on the list of developed nations , its African American population ranks among countries of the 3rd world.


Shouldn’t we all be Republican!  Yes, I know, such a statement is probably surprising coming from the Abyss.  Well, the Abyss is now a Republican, and I’ll tell you why.  This nation can no longer afford to suck the poor and middle class dry in order to spew ever more wealth into the bank accounts of the greedy rich.  Whenever there is a hint of a popular push back against reactionary interests, the lackeys of these interests raise the specter of “class war.”  Yesterday, lacky/entertainer  Bill O’Reilly groaned about outside agitators (i.e. agents provocateurs) going to Wisconsin to stir up trouble between the public employees and the Republican run State government.  Big whoop, I say!   Where was Bill when outside handlers orchestrated the participation of a bused-in, terrorist mobs at town hall meetings?.  And why it didn’t concern him that the insurrectionists shouted down anyone who expressed a view different their own?

Let’s face it, there really is a class warfare going on, but don’t be deceived; the notion that the poor are provoking it is wrong.  It is a ploy thaqt has been effectively used by the real culprits.  If there is any confusion about who they are, check out “Are the Rich Getting Richer?” (Nov. 11, 2009) on this blog.   The poor have gotten  zip financially since way back in 1973 while the wealthy have made out like exactly what they are – bandits.

It’s time for the poor and the middle class to stand up to the moneyed interests, their Republican henchmen, and their horde of Propagandists.  It’s time the poor and the middle class to take back their futures and their country.  That’s why I became a Republican –   I want to present an alternative point of view to the garbage and misinformation slung out by the suicide fringe that has taken over the Republican Party.  If we were all Republicans?…why we could even nominate candidates and promote the policies of our choosing.  There is another thing I’ve done recently that is a lot of fun.  I’ve signed on to a number of ultra-right blogs.  They never fail to amuse, self-promotional (a la – dark times are ahead – send money), and so over the top that it is difficult to understand how anyone could place iny credence in them.  However. once in a while I send a response “interpreting” their messages in such a way that’s opposite to what’s intended.  Just today, I read something about the impending financial doom coming to America and how one could invest in the “pundit’s” investment firm to prepare for it.  I thanked him, told him he had really opened my eyes, and went on to promise that I would surely contact Obama and Congressional leaders to tax the rich in order to stave off the coming catastrophe.  For starters try Newsmax; the rest will find you.

At any rate,  you don’t have to vote Republican – but please become one.  It’s fun!

From the Abyss,


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